Chris Hannah

Text Case Guides

Just over one week ago, I released the first major update to Text Case. Since then, I’ve written and published four guides on different parts of the app. While they don’t combine to create a Text Case “User Manual”, I think they explain the most fundamental parts, and hopefully some features that users will be surprised by.

What Is Title Case?

In the first guide, I explained what Title Case is, and where it’s used. Title Case is the major format in Text Case, as that’s the most popular one for writers, because it’s more complicated than you’d think.

In Text Case, I support four different standards of Title Case, so this guide explains the standards, and also how to customise them in the app.

Read the guide.

Customising Text Case

Quite self-explanatory, but as there are quite a lot of things you can customise inside Text Case, I thought it would be useful to have these explained all in one place.

Read the guide.

Using the Action Extension in Text Case To Format Text

As I mentioned before, Text Case has an Action Extension, so you can use Text Case to format any text selection in iOS. This guide explains how to enable the extension, and also how to use it.

Read the guide.

Using Siri with Text Case

You can use Text Case with Siri Shortcuts, and also as an action inside the Shortcuts app. This guide explains every thing Siri-related.

Read the guide.

If you haven’t already got a copy of Text Case, you can find it on the App Store.