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  • Having Control Over Your Own Day
  • Using Older Products
  • 2021

  • Returning to the Office
  • Some Thoughts on Social Media
  • A New Found Appreciation for Control
  • Weeds are Subjective
  • Racial Abuse on Social Media
  • So-Called Imperfections
  • Tricking Yourself Into Being Productive
  • The Many Forms of Triage
  • Playing Around With Experimentation and Challenges
  • What Is Your Perspective?
  • Taking The Chance
  • Why I Don’t Want To Go Back To Work
  • Life After the Pandemic
  • What Games Are to Technology
  • Showing Your Own Perspective
  • Being Late on the Internet
  • 2020

  • Thoughts on Adaptive Background Environments
  • ASMR Rooms and Immersive Single Tasking
  • Why Can't People Make Things Clear?
  • I Don't Like It When Apps Change Their Tab Bar Items
  • Why I "Force" Quit Apps
  • Working From Home During the Lockdown
  • 2019

  • Focussing on the Wrong Things When Starting a Blog
  • 2018

  • Ideas and Speculation on the Future of iPad Connectivity
  • 2016

  • Making a Device Your Home