Chris Hannah

About #

👋 Hi, I’m Chris Hannah.

💻 I spend a lot of my time building software. Whether that’s at my day job as an Enterprise Solutions Engineer (Software Engineer), working on my personal projects such as the open-source stuff on GitHub, my iOS/macOS text transformation app, Text Case, or any other small bits of code I write.

📚 I’m not in a position where I currently have a go-to programming language or toolset for programming. I’ve used Swift a lot for apps, I use Java a lot at my day job, and I’m always tinkering with web technology.

🌱 One thing I’m thinking about learning is Rust. Although I’m not sure if I’ll ever have a suitable use case for it.

📝 When I’m not writing code, I’m usually writing here on my blog. It tends to be focussed on technology, but is now becoming more personal.

📫 If you want to reach me, I’d suggest Mastodon, Twitter, or Email.