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Journal: 6 Feb 2019

As always, I’ll start with a short description of what I got up to at work today. My main tasks were trying to think more about how we’re going to build our next app. We’ve decided that everything is being written using TDD from the start, and hopefully, we can figure out a way to use BDD style tests, but there aren’t many great options available in Swift. Or at least so I’ve found.

And now the second favourite of the journal, Text Case progress updates. I did a fair bit of work tonight, but nothing really finished that I can show off. I did complete the Siri intent donating that I mentioned yesterday, and I’ve basically finished off the entire Siri Shortcuts feature, but I’m going to do a lot of testing on it when I have a big block of free time. Apart from that, I started to move the Action Extension over to 2.0. It’s built much better than the current version, as it reuses the same classes that are used to display the list of formats in the main app, with a few minor things specialised for the context of an Action Extension.

I’m hoping tomorrow I can tidy up a few more things, and then I can tick them off the big list and move closer to the public beta.