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Journal: 5 Feb 2019

A mixed day at work today. It involved me presenting the prototype I mentioned yesterday that I was working on, at our biweekly team demo, working out some stuff for a future big project, and also trying to squish some bugs.

I also managed to have another productive day with Text Case 2.0, as I managed to port over the main logic of the Siri integration from the current version, and it works perfectly! The only bit of work remaining on this is figuring out when to “donate” intents to the system, which is basically where the app informs iOS that an action has been performed, so it can suggest it to you at a later date/time. Hopefully when you’re most likely to need it.

This step also means that I’m nearing the beta testing phase. I’ve been hesitant to put out any beta versions of this for a while simply because it didn’t have all the functionality that the current app had, so I knew any testers would be degrading their Text Case usage. But as soon as I can tell that everything in 1.4 works in 2.0, and that nothing breaks because of the update (I’m mainly thinking about Siri Shortcuts integrations), I’ll send out a public beta link on the newly created Twitter page (@TextCaseApp).

Another thing I have to mention is a great podcast I’m now starting to listen to. It’s called And You Are?, and it’s by Greg Morris. It’s a conversation-based podcast, where he talks to test about what they do for a living, their life, and other interesting topics. I probably didn’t summarise that well, but if you just look on the episode list, you can already see the list of great guests that he’s already had on. So far I’ve listened to the first episode with Daryl Baxter, which was really interesting, and I plan on listening to every episode!

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