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Journal: 4 Feb 2019

Today at work was not one of a usual iOS Developer, as I spent most of the day using online prototyping tools to work on a little demo I’m doing at work. It’s all part of a task I’ve been doing the past few weeks, and I’ve gone from drawing rough diagrams on a whiteboard, to writing long user stories in Ulysses, which I then created a huge flowchart from, and I took one specific route and make that into a prototype!

Outside of work, I actually finally got around to giving TextCase 2.0 (the redesign I’m working on) a chunk of time. Firstly, I created a Twitter account for it (@TextCaseApp) so I can share specific news about the app in one place.

Then I finished off two different settings, enabling/disabling specific formats, and also changing the order of the format groups. In the current (old) version, each format can be moved around freely, but it offered no sense of structure, and as the number of formats grew, it became a bit of a mess. So I’ve now grouped them together, and you can arrange the individual groups. If a group has no formats enabled, the entire group will be hidden, so it doesn’t mean you’ll always have to see the headings.

One other thing about TextCase is that it got featured on the latest episode of AppStories! Which is a podcast all about apps by Federico Viticci and John Voorhees of MacStories.

As I mentioned in yesterdays entry, last night me and my girlfriend put together some Ikea furniture. We managed a two-seater sofa, a tv unit, and a small coffee table. You can find pictures of the first two on my Instagram. I topped that off today by building a small storage unit for my office! And It turns out it fits absolutely perfectly in the corner.

While building it, I watched another interesting video from Joe Robinet. He’s a Canadian backpacker/bushcraft guy, and in the video I watched, he spent 10 days in the Canadian wilderness with just 10 items. His videos (or at least the ones I’ve been watching) are usually just over an hour long, but they’re good to have on while doing something like building Ikea furniture!

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