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Further Information on the iTunes Affiliate Program Payment Threshold

Back in August last year, I shared some information about the minimum threshold, in regard to getting payments from the iTunes Affiliate program. The issue back then, was that as the app program was ending, any money sitting in currencies that were below the minimum threshold, would be forever stuck in limbo.

I was worried about this, so I asked the Affiliate Program team. They responded with some good news:

Regarding App Store commissions, we will waive the payment threshold requirement after the program change takes place in October. These payments will be available to you approximately 60 days thereafter with our regularly scheduled invoice cycle. You will be able to release these payments once they have been received by Performance Horizon and processed.

So the threshold would be lifted, and they also informed me that the payments should be all be released by mid-December. Perfect.

However, on Friday I decided to query them about this again. As I heard from yet another person saying that the threshold still seems to be there, and they cannot release any payments. Even though I’ve had some released myself, that would have previously been below the minimum.

This time, they came back with a very clear statement. Which I presume is directed towards the balances left in my own account:

At this time, all available currencies are below the absolute minimum 2 GBP threshold and cannot be released.

While they’re not saying that all money will be paid. I think it’s reasonably understandable that 2 GBP is a hard-limit. I can’t imagine after converting currencies, and then adding on fees for the actual payments, that it would be beneficial for anyone.

At least this case should now be closed.

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