Some Information on the iTunes Affiliate Program Payment Threshold

After the recent announcement of the iTunes Affiliate program closing for Apps, I reached out to iTunes Affiliate Support for some help on how payments would be released.

The way the program works is that all commission is separated into the currency that it was earned from. So they each accrue their individual amounts, and after the minimum threshold (My account is set to £20) is met, you can then release (or set it up to be automatic) the funds.

But for people like myself who didn’t particularly make much money from the program, there are quite a few currencies that haven’t hit that. Some of them are nearly at the mark, but I wasn’t sure how Apple would deal with this. I didn’t like the idea of having earnings not paid simply because they didn’t hit the minimum amount, as the ability to earn more to boost the number is being removed, for apps at least.

However, the Affiliate Program team got back to me and it’s good news. The payment threshold will be lifted after the change happens:

Regarding App Store commissions, we will waive the payment threshold requirement after the program change takes place in October. These payments will be available to you approximately 60 days thereafter with our regularly scheduled invoice cycle. You will be able to release these payments once they have been received by Performance Horizon and processed.

They also assured that the payments should be released by mid-December.

I don’t think this information will be particularly useful to everyone, but it was something I was unsure of, so I thought I’d spread the news.