Chris Hannah

Why You Should Never Pay For Podcast Hosting

Nir Zicherman, co-founder and CTO of Anchor:

Back in the day, you would have had to pay to host video online. But you would never do that today (thanks to services like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and plenty of other free video hosting platforms). Back in the day, you would have had to pay to store your photos online. But that outdated business model has virtually disappeared thanks to platforms like Google Photos, Instagram, Imgur, and others. At Anchor, we believe the notion of charging creators to host their content online is antiquated and unfair. And above all else, it serves as a barrier that prevents the podcasting ecosystem from growing and becoming more diverse, because it limits it to only those voices who can afford to pay.

I must admit, the headline caused me to instantly question the article. But it completely turned me around. Anchor seem to be doing some great things in podcasting, and it’s very interesting to see the platform constantly growing.