Chris Hannah

Watching The Perseids

Tonight I watched some of the Perseids Meteor Shower in my back garden, and I just want to share my experience. Just in case you didn’t know, the Perseids are a meteor shower which typically appear in August. If you want to learn more then I’d recommend reading this BBC article for starters. Although I didn’t have the best viewing conditions (it was a bit cloudy), I managed to watch a few meteors fly past, and generally see a lot of stars.


I couldn’t do this in silence, so I consulted Apple Music. I found a very apt selection in the “Being Outdoors” section of their activity playlists, I listened to one called “Under the Stars”. I generally found the music to be okay, but my attention was mainly on the stars. One song I did like was “Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space” by Spiritualised.


Of course I had to do some photography while I was there, I’m no professional though I do admit. I used my Canon EOS 1000d with a 50mm prime lens, pointing directly up from where I was laying. I used an app called DSLR Assistant for Mac, which is fantastic in my opinion. I didn’t spend too much time getting the perfect shot, as I was more focussed on seeing them with my own eyes. I haven’t edited the photos in any way at all, they are straight from my camera. Here is a shot where I actually captured part of the shower. And here is a 4 second video of 60 different photos that I took. Just to be clear, the photo gets slightly orange at the end as a street light decided it was a good time to turn on. Hopefully, it still looks okay