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Typefully Adds Images Support, User Mentions, and Other Improvements

Typefully, the great web-based tweet composer has received a very welcome update. Bringing images and GIFs support, user mentions, quoted tweets, and more.

Just like most Twitter clients, you can add up to 4 images per tweets. And because you just see a text representation in the editor, it’s pretty easy to move them around and get the perfect composition.

It also now supports username suggestions, which are pretty handy, since I for one have become used to this being standard. Which means there’s a good chance I’ll make a mistake if I have to do it manually.

There’s a ton more improvements as well, like quoted tweets correctly appearing in the preview, being able to copy a link to a thread from the sidebar, seeing your time zone when scheduling tweets, and even being able to escape HTML correctly.

While I don’t use Typefully as my main tweet composer, I have used it a fair few times when writing threads, or scheduling tweets.

I planned to use it quite a lot with the recent release of Text Case. I wanted to have an announcement thread scheduled, with maybe a few related tweets going out at later times as well. But the only thing that held me back was image support, so I can definitely see the value of these features.

Up next in the plans for Typefully are features like being able to see a calendar of your tweets, and also analytics. It sounds like Typefully could become a really useful tool.