Chris Hannah

The Games I Play

The way I play games is a bit different to most I think. Since while I tend to play games a lot, I don’t particularly care about playing new games. I have three games that I play regularly, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, and whatever version of FIFA I have. I’ve played these games for many many years, and I just don’t get the urge to try out new stories or see how good a game looks, or even just see what everyone else is enjoying.

When I was a kid, the only thing I played was Pokémon games on my Game Boy Colour, and to be honest, I’d happily play through them all again today. So obviously I play Pokémon GO every now and then. Especially with the current “Kanto Tour” happening.

As for anything else, I have a Nintendo Switch and I’ve played a few games on that. But again, the games have just been a few Pokémon games and Animal Crossing.

Sometimes I think I should try out something new, and see if the games other people are enjoying are worth it. But then I remember that I really don’t care, and if I did start playing them, I’d most likely only try it for a day and then never touch them again.

I wonder if this will ever change, or will I be 80 years old and still playing Pokémon Yellow?

This post is part of the warmup week for the March Blogging Challenge, the theme today is Play.

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