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Switching Workflows to iPad

Matt Gemmell is another person that is switching to an iPad lifestyle, and with that he’s posting a series of iPad related articles as he moves platform.

As he writes a weekly newsletter, there is a few things he does on a Mac that needed to be ported over to a new way of thinking:

I offer a membership option for this site, which comes with some cool benefits including an email newsletter every Monday morning (with an exclusive essay, and behind-the-scenes info on my current writing projects, amongst other things).

Because my beloved members support my writing during the long periods between releasing novels, finding a workflow for preparing the weekly newsletter was my first priority for going iPad-only. – MattGemmell

I find these types of posts quite interesting, as I’m always looking for more things to do on my iPad. Although I don’t plan on fully switching platform, as I’ve just ordered a new Mac!

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