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Splitting The Bill with Monzo

In the latest update of the Monzo app , they’ve introduced a bill splitting feature, that is a cut above the rest. With the information that Monzo can already calculate form your transactions, such as the location, restaurant name, and even storing receipts, this feature simply makes sense.

How To Use It

Simply find a transaction in your Monzo app, and then select Split Cost Using You’ll be presented with a list of options, where you can quickly share the bill with 1 to 4 other people, or you can also set a custom amount to request.

Once you’ve selected an amount to request, you’re presented with the standard iOS Share Sheet, and this means you can send it wherever, and however you like! Whether it’s through iMessage, WhatsApp, or some magical Workflow!

Then once you or your friend have received the link, they can then pay directly on any device, including from a browser on their laptop! It also supports Apple Pay, so if you’re on an Apple Pay supported device, you can literally pay your end of the bill in seconds.

Who Can Use It?

You can ask anyone to pay you, by using your own personal link. From there, they’ll be able to use their own card (even non-Monzo cards) to pay you back.

There’s no fees involved, so the amount that’s sent, is exactly the amount that is received. Of course the website is fully secure, accepts any major debit card, and in usual Monzo style, the money appears in less than a minute.

This update to the Monzo app, takes them even further forward in comparison to other payment providers, and even full banks. Even though it’s just a prepaid debit card at the moment, there are literally so many things that Monzo let’s you do, that no-one else does.

You can read more about Monzo on their website , and download the Monzo app for iOS from the App Store .

If you want to quickly see what a payment request looks like, then here’s an example I made up. Of course you won’t be forced to actually pay anything, but you can see what it’s like.