Slate v0.4

13th May 2018

I’ve done enough for v0.4 of Slate I think, so I’ll upload that to TestFlight now. And then I can start working composing for v0.5!

Here’s the raw release notes:

  • The vertical spacing in the post cell, and also separating them has been adjusted.
  • Names are now slightly bold, with the username being less distinguished.
  • Inline images now load for urls with https.
  • Fix scenario where login fields would not adapt properly to the keyboard height.
  • If you view your own profile/author view, it will hide the follow button.
  • Inline images are resized vertically, if they are in landscape orientation. However they will not be resized vertically as that could lead to a very bad reading experience.
  • Tapping anywhere on a cell for an author will now open their profile.
  • The Favourite and Conversation swipe actions now have images.
  • Started localising the text for US english.
  • Fixed relative dates being completely inaccurate!

Feel free to sign up to the beta.

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