Chris Hannah

Slate v0.3

It’s time for me to push another beta version of Slate!

Honestly, I didn’t complete everything in my plan for this version. But versions don’t really mean anything at the minute, as it’s probably better for the whole process if I just release more often.

Here’s the raw release notes for this build:

  • Added pull to refresh on the profile and author views.
  • Profiles and author views now have the name as the title.
  • Times on posts are now relative.
  • Links are no longer underlined.
  • Instead of verifying the app token every time the app is launched, it moves straight to the timeline, and checks in the background.
  • There are now no separators in the post tables.
  • The light theme is slightly lighter.
  • The menu adapts to the theme as well now.
  • Fixed the issue where some tables were not getting their background colour changed when a new theme is selected.
  • Line height is now slightly bigger.
  • You favourite posts now by swiping from left -> right.

Feel free to get in touch about joining the beta, it’s compltely open to everyone.