Chris Hannah

Relay FM Launch New Show "Free Agents"

Relay FM have launched another great show, where Jason Snell and David Sparks talk about how they became independent.

From the Relay FM blog:

Last year at WWDC, I had tea with Myke, Jason Snell and David Sparks.

At the time, I was on the fence about leaving my job to work on Relay FM full-time. It made sense on paper, but I was nervous about taking my fate into my own hands.

All three of them were already independent, and were very open about the challenges and rewards that working for yourself brings. (I think they’ll admit there was a little peer pressure going on to, but that’s beside the point.)

Today, Jason and David are launching a new fortnightly podcast named Free Agents. It’s all about work, and while they are both self-employed, the topics on Free Agents are applicable to all sorts of people. – Relay FM Extras

I’m a big fan of both what Jason and David do for their blogs, Six Colors, and MacSparky. So I’m really looking forward to hear everything they have to say about going independent, and any tips they have for the rest of us!

Anyway, the first episode is titled "The Temptation of Yes", where they discuss the problems when saying Yes too much, and also how to narrow your scope when it comes to work.

You can find more about Free Agents, and the first episode on Relay FM. There’s also links to follow them on Twitter, and also on your favourite podcast app.