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Listen to Random Forests

I wrote a while ago about ASMR Rooms and what I called 'Adaptive Background Environments', and I've just come across something similar via Kottke, called places you in random forests, immersing you in the sounds, and also providing some nice photography of nature.

I really like listening to nature, forests especially. So I think I'll be using this for some background noise when I'm working, or even when I'm just relaxing. Like now, I'm reading some blogs, and listening to a forest.

All of the sounds are from a project called 'Sounds of the Forest', which form an open source library for anyone use. If you go to the website, you get a world map where you can see exactly where each recording came from.

If like me, you are a fan of nature, then I would encourage you to check out Ecologi. Essentially, it's a subscription service to plant trees and help fund climate projects.

One cool feature of Ecologi is that as you plant more trees, your online forest grows. My forest, Christopia (I couldn't think of a better name) has been going for 4 months, has 418 trees, and has offset over 9 tonnes of CO2e. __ If you use this magical link, we both get 30 extra trees.

Photo: (kazuend via Unsplash)

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