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What's Holding Me Back From Android?

I've been creating a list of what I use my iPhone for, and what would happen if I switched to Android.

For most cases, it wouldn't make any difference. For example, for things like Notes, Email, Photos, etc. I use standard Apple apps, so I'd just as happily use Google apps.

For social networking, entertainment, and all the third-party stuff, everything is available on Android.

However, there are a few minor hurdles that could annoy me. They wouldn't necessarily stop me switching though. But they are things like iCloud Drive, Apple Photo sync, Universal Clipboard, AirPlay, etc.

All of those I can live without. However, even though all of my group chats are on iMessage, most private chats are on iMessage. So that would definitely cause some friction.

Therefore, when iOS gains support for RCS, and you can send photos across much easier between the platforms, there would be nothing major holding me to the iOS platform.

That's not to say I'd switch immediately, and never go back. But I'd certainly feel less locked in.

I do sometimes use a Pixel 6 as my main phone. But it's only ever been for a short period of time. So most annoyances don't really matter as I've usually still got my iPhone near me anyway.

But for a long-term switch. That's not only tempting, but also looking more possible by the day.