Chris Hannah

Photos From a Trip to Devon

I've just come back from a few days in Devon (while occasionally popping across into Cornwall), and across the weekend I experimented with quite a few of my cameras. I had my iPhone with me, of course, so those photos were posted to my Instagram stories. I've got 2 film cameras that I used, including my recent addition, which I will send off to be developed soon. And I also took my Fujifilm X-T100, on which I used primarily my XC 35mm F2 lens.

I've gone over the bulk of the photos from the X-T100 and iPhone, and did a bit of editing in Capture One (which I'm definitely enjoying using), so I thought I'd share them here.

The first few are from around where we stayed, which was a shepherds hut in Hollacombe, Devon.

I only liked one of the photos I took of the actual hut, and for some reason, a wide crop really looked good to me.

I also used played around with Halide's macro mode around here.

We visited a place called Speke's Mill Mouth (weird name), which had a waterfall that I couldn't quite fully capture on my X-T100 (I'm starting to think I need a wider lens option).

The rest of the photos are from a place called Clovelly, a private village in Devon. We actually had to pay £8.50 each just to enter. However, it's full of nature and unique architecture, and it's also on a pretty steep hill which leads into a small harbour. So there were plenty of photo opportunities.

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