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'Overtly sexual' cow blocked as Facebook ad

What a headline.

Zoe Kleinman, reporting an incredible story about a digital photo gallery owner's various experiences with Facebook banning his adverts for seemingly impossible reasons:

The Winchester-based photographer's other banned ad images include:

  • a neon sign featuring the word "disco", on the grounds that it was promoting alcohol
  • a set of tramlines in Reims, France, which Facebook said went against its ticket sales policy
  • a Hong Kong skyline, rejected on the grounds that there was "nothing for sale" in the photograph itself
  • a firework display, blocked for promoting weapons

    ripples on a pond for selling "adult products"
  • another "overtly sexual" photo, of a high-rise office building

At one point, his entire account was suspended from placing any ads at all.

— Zoe Kleinman, 'Overtly sexual' cow blocked as Facebook ad

I don't know what there is to say about this. Apart from it being absolutely hilarious for reader, but surely massively annoying for the business owner.

Photo: (Mike Hall / NORTHWALL GALLERY)

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