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Newsletter Update

Earlier this year I decided that I would try writing a monthly newsletter. The idea was that it would be a way for me to write one long-form piece of writing a month. (Delivered on the 13th, because I thought it was funny). Last month marked the 6-month mark, which means that this project has lead me to create six pieces of writing, that I’m pretty happy with.

However, I’ve decided that I will put the newsletter on hold while I work out a better strategy for writing and sharing my longer pieces of writing. At the start, I was bought into the idea of having a more dedicated newsletter audience, but over time I realised that by keeping this writing behind a (free) subscription, it drastically reduces the chance of people reading my work.

I recently opened up the issues on my blog, which essentially made them special blog posts that were additionally sent out via email. That made it feel a bit weird, how there wasn’t much of a distinction between a newsletter issue and a normal blog post. But I was still referring top it as a “newsletter”.

It might be that email is just an optional method of delivery that I will offer for all of my writing (probably not linked posts though), and that it forms part of the overall blog. Where my writing is hosted on the blog, but also has the option of an RSS feed or email option. We’ll have to see.

But for now, the newsletter is paused, and all of my writing will be delivered straight to the blog, for everyone to read.