Chris Hannah

Issue #3

Another week, and one full of content again!

Jeff Bezos Briefly Tops Bill Gates as the World’s Richest Person – Bloomberg 

Apple confirms iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued – The Verge
Will anyone except tech journalists notice this?

I haven’t heard anyone speak the name iPod in a long time.

MacPaw acquires The Unarchiver and commits to… | MacPaw Blog
The Unarchiver app for macOS is probably the most popular one of its kind (that isn’t a System app), and MacPaw are a great bunch of people! So this can only be a good thing (Unless I’m missing something?).


iPhone 7 — The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day — Apple
I like it!

Make time: Why we spend our most productive time on the wrong things (Google Cloud Next ’17)
Super interesting video here, packed with some great tips and lots of data!

(Don’t tell anyone, but Android from these kind of perspective looks really intriguing)

Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry!
I’m not sure what this Loveday thing is (I’m honestly not that interested), but this video from Marques (MKBHD) is really good!

The bizarre physics of fire ants

On the Blog

What I’m Up To

Over the past week, I have done a few interesting things, mainly working on my app Hydrate, and a few other meta tasks.

I can’t remember exactly what was finished this week, but the main thing was the history view. So you can now see your water intake for the past 21 days! I was meaning to do this right from the start, but I really couldn’t be bothered! However over last weekend, I was away in Norfolk with rather bad internet, so I forced myself to get on with it then.

As for what else I was getting up to, Ghost (the blog platform this runs on) was updated to v1.0! Which meant (what I thought would be huge) migration task, as it used MySQL instead of SQLite, and also a few syntax changes for themes. The whole process actually only took me about an hour, so that was done in one lunch time at work.

It did get a bit bad though, as I got a bit trigger happy with linux commands, and ended up completely destroying the permissions. So everything slowly stopped working. In the end I realised I had everything backed up perfectly, so I created a new droplet on Digital Ocean and put it all back to normal! Lessons were learned!