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I’ve got a lot of books, and the majority of them I never read. There’s old iOS development books, biographies, Minecraft guides (not even because I needed them), you get the picture. They of course don’t include the enormous collection on iBooks, but I tend to actually read them.

Well I’ve just went through the collection, and picked out 8 that I plan on reading next. I must admit it’s a strange bunch, but there’s a lot of variation, and maybe it will keep me interested.

So here’s a list of them all, including links where you can get them yourself!

Title Author Status
Never Hit a Jellyfish with a Spade Guy Browning Not Read
Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche Peeked Inside
The Martian Andy Weir Half Read
Ready Player One Ernest Clyne Not Read
Neutrino Frank Close Peeked Inside
Decoding Reality Vlatko Vedral Not Read
Fantastic Beasts (The Original Screenplay) J.K. Rowling Not Read
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance Half Read

That may give you an insight into what I’m interested in, but I can assure you, I’ve read even much weirder.

First up, I think I’m going to finish The Martian[1].

  1. Oh shit, it’s 1am. Maybe no reading tonight. ↩︎

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