My Next iPhone

9th July 2020

I was having a think recently about the next iPhone, and seeing as I’m going to upgrade this time, I thought I’d write an article about what I want personally in a new iPhone. I’ve been pondering it for quite some time, and I’m pretty sure it’s mostly the same as it was two years ago.

  • Battery improvements
  • More colour options for the mainstream phone (I’m not going back to LCD)
  • Better front camera

Then there’s the usual stuff that we all expect every year like a faster processor, better camera, etc. But mostly I don’t actually care about that!

However, if it was an ideal scenario, I think I’d like a high-end iPhone that had a white case with a black front, maybe some coloured accents like the Pixel, multiple day battery life, 4K front camera, and not much else.

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