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Monzo Business for Web

Monzo, announcing some very decent updates to their web interface for business accounts:

When we launched business accounts earlier this year, we introduced Monzo Business for Web to let you access your account from the convenience of your desktop as well as your mobile. You can choose what works best for you and your business, depending on where you are and what you need to do.

Since then, we’ve been working to let you do even more on the web, to make managing your finances with Monzo Business even more seamless – and here are the first of those updates!

You’ll now be able to see each account and pot, transaction history, move money around, export transaction data, receipt attachments, and a new design. They also say that the next things coming to the web interface are build payments, and having access control for other team members that you want to be able to see/perform certain actions.

Monzo Business

(Image credit: Monzo)

It’s not exactly a replica of the capabilities that Monzo has in their mobile apps, and it probably never will. But it’s certainly beneficial to have a web interface for various different reasons. The one I have in my head is if you lose your phone, that’s a tough situation if it’s the way you manage your money.

So I would definitely take a simple web interface for personal accounts. Although, right now they don’t have any plans to do this.

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