Chris Hannah

Journal: 9 Jun 2019

After the party last night, we all slept in our tents and sleeping bags inside a hall. After everyone had finally awoke, we spent a few hours having coffee/tea and some hot breakfast.

After that was all finished, we spent quite a few hours tidying everything from the party. There was a lot of go through, and myself and my girlfriend only ended up leaving at about 6 pm. There was still a tiny bit of work left to do, but my girlfriend was working a night shift tonight, so we had to get back and have dinner before she left.

After she went to work, I was left on my own. So I did some boring things like water my plants, wash the dishes, and do some laundry.

I started to watch a film on Netflix called “I AM MOTHER”, but I’ve barely managed an hour so far. I’m strangely just too tired. Even though I didn’t really do anything today.