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Journal: 8 Jun 2019

Me and my girlfriend finally had a lie in for once. We woke between 11 and 12 am, which was totally deserved.

We then took some things we got from Scotland, like black pudding and square sausage, to my girlfriends mums house so we could all have a late breakfast. That led into a coffee/tea and television.

After we’d finished talking, we went home to get ready for my girlfriends sisters birthday party. Which was Harry Potter themed. My girlfriend went as Sybil Trelawney, and I just went as a generic wizard with a gown and shirt.

The party was very fun. And that was probably aided by the fact there was draught beer, which you could use yourself. I pretty much had an infinite beer.

It’s now pretty late, and I’ll be going to bed soon. We’re all sleeping in tents in the party hall, so in the morning we can have a good breakfast!