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Journal: 7 Feb 2019

So today at work was spent creating the base bones of a new iOS app. Starting with TDD and MVVM in mode, I made a basic structure, along with starting to write tests and code for the API interaction.

I didn’t get that much time to do a
lot of work on Text Case, apart from making a few tweaks to the Action Extension, and also some changes to the Hashtags format. I fixed a few things that could have caused weird results, so I’ve made it so you should never get multiple # together, and also that every hashtag is separated by only one space. If words are separated by other things such as a comma or full stop, they will be converted to spaces.

Tonight at home, me and my girlfriend ordered a pizza as there were a lot of people coming to visit. My girlfriends friend came round, followed by both of our parents coincidentally coming round at the same time.

And in the mean time, I built a new sofa! I don’t have a picture right now, as I’m just about to go to bed. But I’ll most likely share one at some joint tomorrow!

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