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Journal: 6 May 2019

I woke up relatively late this morning, around 10 am. I started the day with a nice coffee, and a game of Fifa. Followed by the usual social networking, and YouTube watching. Two things that I want to cut down on, or at least introduce a level of purpose to them.

During the afternoon, my girlfriend cooked us chicken fajitas for lunch. And I took the time to show off the plants that I’m growing on my Instagram. There’s not much right now, but that will change soon.

From around 2 pm until around 6pm, myself and my girlfriend were getting on with some DIY. Today we started the kitchen. We don’t want to radically change anything, just the wall colour, and the colour of the cabinets. So we sanded down, and filled any gaps in one of the main walls, so it is now ready for a first coat of white paint. That will be my next job.

In the evening, I cooked a chicken stir-fry, and afterwards I went out for a coffee.

To end the day, I’m now watching John Wick. I should finish before 12, and then I can get a good sleep before heading back to work tomorrow.