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Journal: 5 Jan 2019

First Saturday of the year, and it was a relaxing one! It was filled with watching various programmes on the history channel. The kind of ones that most people would class as boring.

There was some football to watch as well, with Arsenal playing their first FA Cup game of the season against Blackpool. There’s an obvious difference in stature and quality of the two clubs, so the Arsenal team were mainly young and fringe players. They ended up winning 3-0 though, so you can’t really complain. We go through to the next round of the competition, and a lot of young players got some more experience under their belt.

Apart from television consumption, I’ve started to think about my next app project. As I mentioned in my 2018 – Year in Review post, I want to work on one big project this year. However the idea hasn’t quite hit me yet, and I don’t have any issue that I need to solve either. I was looking on the App Store and places like Product Hunt for inspiration, but as of today, none was found.