Chris Hannah

Journal: 4 Mar 2019 #

After a pretty relaxing weekend, it was back to normal at work. I was working on some basic UI interaction in an app, and that meant getting to grips with Cucumberish a bit more, as that’s what we’re using for UI testing. It took a while for me to fully grasp how it works, and how to tie in all the different actions/tests, but I’ve got the hang of most of it right now.

Apart from work, I’ve mainly just been watching videos about aquariums. Mainly ones about aquascaping, keeping minimal/nano tanks, and just loads of setup videos. I used to keep fish before I moved out, but it was just things like Goldfish, and Shubunkin. While they’re pretty common, they make a ton of mess and the tanks took a lot of effort to keep up with.

What I’m looking into doing soon, is getting a very small tank, probably around 30x30x30cm. And then taking my time to slowly grow a minimal planted aquarium. Ideally it would have a high number of plants, low number of fish/shrimp, and therefore a much lower level of maintenance. Of course I’ll be posting any updates here, but I’m not sure when it’s actually going to happen.

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