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Journal: 4 Jan 2019

As I mentioned in yesterdays journal entry, today is the day for Text Case 1.4! It’s now been released, so you can view the blog post, and check it out on the App Store. Of course I did a little emojified tweet1 for the update. I always find they get the most attention.

Apart from trying to spread the word about the update, I’ve been at work for most of the day. After which I went out for dinner with my family. Nothing special, just a pub/restaurant chain.

Since I got back, I’ve played two games of FIFA 19 Seasons, played some guitar, and then got stuck inside YouTube for about an hour. I even ended up watching a 10 minute video of Japanese chefs slicing things, which was actually pretty mesmerising after a while.

  1. I’m pretty sure emojified isn’t a word, but it sounds like it should be.