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Journal: 31 May 2019

It was a quiet day at work. A lot of people were working from home, which meant less chatting. And, of course, we were a tad more productive.

After work, I was presented with a new lawn mower from my dad. So I immediately cut the grass in our back garden as soon as I got home. This took longer than I thought. But it turns out the included cable is really long, as is a perfect fit for our garden. So no extension leads were needed at all.

When I’d finished all the gardening for the day. I cooked dinner, and caught up with the latest episode of The Instance podcast. Which I do on Twitch, as that’s where they stream and host the live video.

Since then I’ve just been finishing up a very small update to Text Case. It’s nothing serious, just a funny addition that a friend suggested. Hopefully it’s released soon!

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