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Journal: 3 Jun 2019

We started the day with a full Scottish/English breakfast at the hotel. Followed by a day of travelling around the area.

It included a lot of different areas, shops, and activities, but we essentially travelled through Gourock to Wemyss Bay, got the ferry to Rothesay, spent a while there, and then came back across to Gourock. Once we got back there, we walked along the esplanade until we got back to a restaurant to eat dinner.

After dinner, we completed the tiny journey to the hotel. And played some card games with some alcohol.

I was planning to watch at least some part of WWDC. Usually I watch the Keynote in Starbucks, followed by the State of the Union at home. However, as I’m on holiday, I expected to at least have the keynote downloaded so I can watch before going to bed. But the download is still not available, so that’s going to have to wait until at least tomorrow.

Another bad thing is the betas. Right now, you need a Mac to get the iOS and iPadOS betas. Of course, I only brought my iPad to Scotland.