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Journal: 3 Feb 2019

So today was our first visit to Ikea for the new house. It was the most stressful visit to Ikea that I’ve ever had. The major issue is the one-way system they have, so everyone has to follow the same route. And as you can imagine, not everyone works at the same speed. So there are old people walking slowly, people just taking their time and browsing, kids running everywhere, and me just trying to get to the next department. It also didn’t help that we weren’t in control of the time, as we had to come with someone that we knew that had a van, so we had to be as fast as possible.

We still managed to buy quite a lot of stuff. The main things were two sofas, a tv unit, and a big storage unit for my office. We purchased two, two-seater sofas, but unfortunately, one colour wasn’t available to take away, so we’re going to have that delivered. But it’s going to be a big bonus having somewhere to finally sit down!

Tonight I expect to put together the sofa and tv unit, and then tomorrow it’s back to work!

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