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Journal: 28 Jan 2019

A pretty average day at work, I did some code, wrote out some ideas for future customer journeys in the app, and other stuff.

But outside of work, I managed to do a bit more.

I wrote/linked to a blog post from New Scientist, where they were claiming that the ECG feature is actually a bad thing.

And I also managed to listen to three podcast episodes:

That was helped by the fact that I spent a bit off time tonight packing up some of my things in my bedroom. Getting ready for the impending move in a few days!

A few things I did notice from my packing exercise:

  • I really underestimate how many books I own. I filled up two big boxes with them, and I have a couple left over. For someone that didn’t think they owned that many, I easily have over 50. It also varies a lot, from Harry Potter to Swift development books, to even books on theoretical physics.
  • Maybe I own too many keyboards. I currently own a Cherry Windows keyboard, a Unicomp Spacesaver M, Apple Extended II, a Magic Keyboard for my iPad, and of course the Smart Keyboard that’s now attached to my iPad Pro.
  • I have a lot of items that have just been stored in a cupboard for quite a long time. Some of it is stuff for the new house, so mugs, glasses, board games, etc. But a big chunk of it just hasn’t been used. Maybe it’s time to get rid of a few things.

I must admit, I already see a theme emerging from that small list. So I think I’ll end it prematurely. My bad memory is quite visible to me when I come across all of my belongings that I have completely forgotten about.

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