Chris Hannah

Journal: 27 Apr 2019

Me and my girlfriend had quite a lie in this morning, and after we got up we watched some television and I played some games on my Mac.

Eventually we went for lunch, which was actually a very late breakfast at our usual cafe. This was, of course, followed by a regular bit of shopping for house stuff.

In the early evening, I was out for a coffee, and also dinner at Wagamamas with friends.

While I was out, my girlfriend was watching Moana, so when I got back, I watched the rest. I also managed to convince her to watch Mighty Joe Young afterwards, as that was a film I watched loads growing up.

I also watched a few videos on growing indoor plants, which I really want to do. I don’t just want to grow a couple of basic plants in pots though, the videos I’ve been watching are people that have essentially, micro-forests in their house.