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Journal: 24 May 2019

It was a slightly productive day at work today. I was pairing with someone while writing some tests in Java, and a I also helped infrastructure/api developers move one of our apis into AWS. It was certainly not as straightforward as it was suggested.

After I got home, I cooked barbecue chicken and potato wedges for dinner. My girlfriend would have cooked, however it appears she’s coming down with a flu. So that was my job.

She did make me a cheesecake though! A very nice one made with malteasers. It’s going to last for quite some time as well.

After we ate, we watched the film Lucy, as it was on television. It’s still absolutely weird. Fascinating though.

My girlfriend is now tired from being ill, and I’m just generally tired. So I’m writing this and then I’ll be going to bed.

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