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Journal: 24 Feb 2019

Today started with me waking up at around noon. I honestly have no idea how I slept in that late. I must have had about 10 hours.

After I finally woke up, I made a beacon and cheese omelette for “breakfast”, and watched some Lost!

Then, at 4 pm, it was time for the most important part of the day. Arsenal were playing Southampton! It was a very impressive game, and we ended up winning 2-0. Which really doesn’t show how much Arsenal were dominating. On a good day, it could have been 5-0 or higher.

After that, me and my girlfriend got around to stripping the rest of the wallpaper from a room in our living room. Next, we’ll have to sand it down to make it smooth, fill in any holes, and decorate it!

After that, we both didn’t do much. We watched the latest episode of Call the Midwife, which I’m just as interested as my girlfriend is. And then I’ve just made myself lunch for tomorrow. I’m having spaghetti carbonara!

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