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Journal: 24 Apr 2019

Not long after the week started, it already feels like it’s about to end. It’s not only because of the bank holiday on Monday. But there’s a big office plan change at work on Friday, where I’ll be moving to a newly decorated floor. So that’s another day essentially written off!

During fog the various bits of travel today, I’ve been doing a mix of three things. When I had chance to sit for a long period (a huge chunk of my commute), I read more is Essentialism. When I had to walk somewhere, for example before/after trains on my commute, and also walking around the house, I’ve been listening to an episode of the Tim Ferris Show that features Neil Gaman. It’s really interesting! And finally, any other time I’ve just been listening to some Avicci!

I did also watch the Arsenal game tonight when I got back. But we ended up losing 3-1, which is a big blow to the season, and is very annoying. But there’s no point worrying about that, I can’t fix it.

Now it’s time for me to ready a bit more Essentialism and go to bed.