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Journal: 23 Feb 2019

Finally, a day with good weather! There was a clear sky, the sun was out, and it was even a bit warm.

I took the chance to install a little bird feeder in our garden. It’s basically a vertical pole, with a few different attachments on it. And so far I haven’t actually seen any birds eating anything yet, but I wouldn’t say our garden is exactly attractive to animals. As it’s literally just a lawn of grass with a bird feeder. Not one bush. And the neighbours are similar.

Apart from that, I’ve done a few chores. While the sun was out, I went and posted some mail. Then I done the more boring tasks, like cleaning, laundry, etc.

It wasn’t all boring though, as I managed to fit in quite a few episodes of Lost, and some World of Warcraft!

I’ve now started to watch a film called Life, on Netflix. I’ve been waiting for it to be available for a while, and although I’ve only seen half of it so far, it’s certainly not what I expected it to be. It sounded like a peaceful film about emerging life, but it definitely isn’t!