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Journal: 22 May 2019

I ended up working from home today. It sounds good, but the internet connection at work has been having issues recently, so any kind of video call is a pain.

Luckily it meant I could be home as soon as I finished working. I spent the next few hours playing a relatively new character on World of Warcraft.

I then “popped out” for some food shopping with my girlfriend, and about an hour and £120 later, we’re done. That should be us fully stocked for a while!

We’ve since had pizza for dinner and been watching some YouTube videos.

My plan for tonight was to stay awake, and then take part in the World of Warcraft Classic beta event. However, in my local time it’s 12 am to 2 am, so it would not be the best decision. And it’s just about 11 pm and I’m getting tired. I guess I won’t be able to make it.