Journal: 22 Jun 2019

22nd June 2019

It’s our last full day in Cyprus today, as we’re leaving the hotel at 6 pm tomorrow! So we started it the only way we knew how. We woke up early, went to the restaurant for breakfast, went back to the room to apply suncream, and pack our bags for the day.

Our activities today were a bit more adventuring around the Famagusta region.

First of all, we got a bus to the Cape Greco National Park. From there we had about a 30 minute walk in the blazing sun towards the “Sea Caves”. It’s an incredible place, with some very nice views.

We were there until about 3 pm, and after that we hopped on the bus again, and went a bit further out to Konnos Bay. It’s another beach, which is slightly more enclosed than others, so the water’s much more calm.

I was actually intending on getting in the sea for once when I got there, but we were quickly greeted with tons of jellyfish in the water. I’m sure we would have been fine, but everyone in the water was clearly being stung constantly. So we settled with relaxing on the beach.

Eventually we became hungry, so we got the bus back to the room, and immediately showered all the dust from the caves, and sand from the beach off. That pretty much lead us straight into dinner, as there was not much time left.

Just after dinner, there was a mini Parrot show in the hotel. It ‘s clearly more for the kids, but we say a few birds ring some bells, dunk a mini basketball, and the standard things. Nothing major, but it’s more a chance to make money by selling photos with the birds.

Anyway, it’s time for a drink at the bar. And after that hopefully I can get another episode of Good Omens downloaded.

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