Journal: 22 Jan 2019

22nd January 2019

Another day at work! Nothing amazing to really shout about, but nothing to moan about either.

I listened to only one podcast today, Core Intuition episode 357. It’s slowly starting to become one of my must-listens, as Manton and Daniel always seem to have an interesting take on things. And it’s also good to hear developers talk about things that aren’t directly to do with programming.

Following on from yesterday, me and my girlfriend also made another step forward in our house purchase. I had to print out 39 pages in total, with various forms and acknowledgements to sign. Tomorrow I’ll scan them in, and we can start the final proceedings. I would do this on my iPad like most of the document signing I’ve done in the entire process. But the solicitors seem to have an issue with this, and don’t class it as being suitable. I don’t see the difference between annotating directly on an iPad, compared to printing, signing in pen, and scanning it back to PDF. But I’m not in a place where I can change anything!

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