Chris Hannah

Journal: 21 Jun 2019 #

We were a bit more adventurous than usual today. We went to the WaterWorld waterpark, which is apparently the number #1 themed waterpark in Europe. It was good, but I wouldn’t exactly go that far.

Lucky for us, the waterpark is really close to our hotel. So we had breakfast quite late, in a restaurant just down the road from the hotel. I had an English breakfast, so much more enjoyable than the hotel food. Once we were finished, we jumped on the bus to the park, which only took around 5 minutes, and cost just €1.50 each.

I think we arrived at the park about 12 pm, and after just over 3 hours, we’d been on every ride, and were pretty much to go. We stopped at the restaurant for some food, got dried and changed clothes, and then wandered around the park taking a few photos.

After we’d completely finished, we got the bus back to the hotel, where we’ve been ever since. I had a nap, we had dinner, and for a few hours we’ve been at the bar playing DS games.

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