Journal: 21 Apr 2019

22nd April 2019

Easter Sunday! 🐣

Today started with me watching some more Lost. I watched two episodes, and it means that I’ve finally finished all 6 seasons! I really don’t know what I’m going to watch next.

That wasn’t an issue today though, as I spent the afternoon and early evening at my parents house, followed by one of my aunts houses. As usual, my rather large family used Easter as an excuse to get together and have a bit of a drink.

After seeing my family for quite a few hours, I went out for coffee again. Other than that, I’ve basically been doing a bit of house work, and watching trash tv.

I have been doing some writing today, and hopefully I can get that finished tomorrow, and share it here on the blog. After that’s done, I’m going to try to start a book I bought recently, Essentialism.

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