Journal: 2 Mar 2019

2nd March 2019

It was a big day for football today! Time for a North London Derby, with Arsenal playing Tottenham at “their ground”. I was watching it in a pub with friends. It was a game full of referring mistakes, and although for most of the game Arsenal were winning, Tottenham were given an incorrect penalty and it ended in a draw. There were positivities to take from it though, and we still didn’t lose, so that’s not as bad.


After getting back from the pub, I was greeted with a delivery. It was a bonsai tree that I ordered a few days ago. It’s a Zelkova (Japanese Elm) and it’s going to be sat on my desk in my home office.

In the evening, I’ve been playing some more World of Warcraft either side of dinner. I think I’m getting hooked on it again.

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