Journal: 19 Mar 2019

19th March 2019

It’s only Tuesday, and it’s already the end of my working week! That’s because in just over 8 hours, I will be flying to Oslo, Norway. And I’ll be there for 4 days!

That meant after work, the only thing I’ve been doing is getting ready for the trip. So, packing my clothes, charging my devices, downloading movies and books, etc. It’s all basically done, but some things will be left to charge while I have a little sleep.

Emphasis on the little as well, as I’m being picked up at 4 am tomorrow morning. So although I’ll try to go to sleep relatively soon, the best possible scenario is that I’m asleep by 10:30 pm, and awake as late as 3:30 am. So a maximum of 5 hours sleep, and I’m being generous to myself. I guess that means I’ll be sleeping on the plane.

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