Chris Hannah

Journal: 19 Jan 2019 #

Today started with me playing quite a few hours of World of Warcraft! At the same time, I was listening to some podcasts, and music from a German artist called Azet. He has an album coming out soon, Apple Music has a couple of them available now.

Football was on for most of the day, and Arsenal played the late night kick-off (17:30). We beat Chelsea 2-0 at The Emirates, and it was a really good game. The entire team played well, and with a high-intensity throughout. There was a down-side to it though as one of our players, Hector Bellerin came off the pitch with a knee injury.

Between lunch and dinner time I tried out some cooking. I made a spaghetti carbonara, and I made it as authentic to the traditional Italian recipe as I could (I was watching actual Italian chefs make it on YouTube). It only needed four ingredients: pasta, egg, pancetta, and parmesan cheese. No cream.

One of my favourite television shows is also back for a second series, The Punisher. The first episode is now available on Netflix, and it’s looking just as good, maybe even better, than the first series.

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